Macklin's Sculpture


Shannon Macklin began making water fountains in 1977 after doing other types of metal sculpting. His interest in metals and the use of a torch came while attending classes for diesel mechanics at a vocational school in Port Angeles, WA. While learning to weld, his interest in sculpting developed. He began doing very small figures from scrap metals and progressed to larger wall decorations. His first attempt at a fountain was so successful, he turned all his skills and attention to producing different styles and sizes. Shannon's skills and artistic style are all self taught through trial and error. Since 1977, Shannon has worked solely as an artist and traveled extensively throughout the United States doing art shows. He does ongoing custom fountains for private homes and commercial properties and also wholesales copper fountains and copper garden stakes to a broad base of retail art galleries and shops. All designs are originals, handcrafted, and new designs are always being produced at his workshop with the help of his wife, Gail.